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Dispersion Compensation Module DCM
  • Dispersion Compensation Module DCM

Dispersion Compensation Module DCM

Working wavelength:1525nm; 1565nm

Optical Fiber Connector:SC/APC, FC/APC, SC/PC

Return Loss:-45dB

Product Details

DCM Module (Dispersion Compensation Module)


ITU G.652 standard single mode fiber (SMF-28). It has dispersion at 1550nm(C-Band). Dispersion typical data is 17ps/nm.Km. It limits 1550nm optical fiber system transmission distance and bandwidth. 2.5Gb/s optical fiber system, transmission distance>100Km, because of the dispersion influence, it will lead to the high error rate. CATV optical fibre system, transmission distance>100Km. It also lead to CSO deterioration, so that 550~862MHz can not realize digital CATV transmission.


There are many ways of optical fiber dispersion compensation. It has already proved that it is the simple, economic, effective method if you adopt dispersion compensation module (DCM, DCF).


It not only can compensate standard single mode optical fiber extra dispersion effectively, but also can 100% compensate standard single mode chromatic dispersion gradient. DCM-FC dispersion compensation optical fiber module is based on negative dispersion compensation optical fiber technology. It can compensate standard single mode optical fiber of 1525~1565nm effectively 1525~1565nm to fit its dispersion feature and slope characteristic.


 DCM Module (Dispersion Compensation Module) -  Product Feature

 ◆ Adapt to standard single mode optical fiber SMF-28 (ITU G.652), 1525~1565nm transmission channel.
◆ Excellent dispersion compensation feature can eliminate the influence to system index, because of residual dispersion.
◆ 1525~1565nm transmission channel. 100% dispersion slope compensation.
◆ Dispersion compensation value range is 10~120Km optional.
◆ Low insert loss, low polarized mode dispersion.
◆ Excellent performance price ratio.


DCM Module (Dispersion Compensation Module) - Main Application

 ◆ ITU G.652 standard single mode optical fiber (SMF-28), 1525~1565nm wavelength range dispersion and slope compensation.
◆ Long distance, over length optical fiber link.
◆ DWDM system
◆ 10Gb/s, 40Gb/s high-speed optical fiber communication system.
◆ CATV over length trunk line.
◆ Satellite, microwave long distance optical fiber link.

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