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Optical Line Protection OLP

Product Details

GLSUN Optical Line Protection System (OLP) uses vacant optical fiber from different route to build a backup path. By real-time monitoring the power status in working fiber, it can automatically switch from working fiber to backup fiber when the power value of working fiber lower than a user defined threshold.

OLP will provide you a more reliable, flexible and high secure optical transmission network .It is widely used for protecting backbone and important business line.


◆Reduce interrupt time of communication and improve maintenance efficiency with quickly recovering communication.
◆Remarkably reduce damage to network caused by fiber failure.
◆Increase network reliability and improve service quality.
◆Harmless switch between working path and secondary path and convenient for line overhaul and cutover.
◆Real-time monitoring power level of fiber.
◆Support remote control, easy management and maintenance.

◆Transparent transmission.


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