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 High Power EDFA Amplifier
  •  High Power EDFA Amplifier

High Power Optical Amplifier EDFA

Working Voltage:220V(90~265), DC-48V

Working Temperature:-20~85℃


Product Details

图片1.png High Power Erbium Doped Fiber Optical Amplifier EDFA 


GLSUN EDFA high power Erbium Doped Fiber Optical Amplifier is a fiber amplifier and power supply integrated in a 1RU&2RU shelf with option of Multiple output ports.


The OLAH incorporates electrical control circuitry wit a digital signal processor and includes photodiodes for monitoring the optical input and output power through tap couplers. Double cooling system can protect the pump laser to work in a long time. RJ45 and RS 232 port, SNMP management system. Good stability, VFD displays the working conditions, good trouble alarm system.



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