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VOA Variable Optical Attenuator

Operating Wavelength:1260 ~ 1650nm

Working Mode:Automatic mode / Manual mode

Connector Type:LC/PC

Storage Temperature:-20 ~ +70 ℃


Product Details

OTS3000-VOA Variable Optical Attenuator

OTS3000-VOA is a kind of function card in optical communication integrated platform. this fiber optic attenuator can be set into automatic mode or manual mode to adjust the output power of the optical path, thus to meet customer’s need of adjusting the optical power at will. VOA can work with other function cards (such as DWDM, OADM, DCM and OTU) together to construct the complete optical network transmission system.


·Modularized design, Compact size, Support hot plug.
·High accuracy, High consistency, High stability of several channels optical attenuation.
·Variable attenuation
·Working mode: automatic mode, manual mode.


·Automatic adjustment of optical signal output.

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