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OBP Optical Bypass Protection System

Protection Ways:SM 1:1 SM 1+1 MM 1:1 MM 1+1

Storage Temperature:-20 ~ +70℃

Relative Humidity:5% ~ 95%


Product Details

OTS3000-OBP Optical Bypass Protection System

GLSUN OTS3000-OBP Optical Bypass Protection System is a kind of optical switch system enabling bypass fault node in optical transmission network to avoid breakdown of whole network communication when there is power interruption,hardware failure, software deadlock etc. This optical bypass protection switch can automatically switch by detecting the node's optical power or signal failure. OBP is mainly used to protect the flow control and RPT equipment.



·Compact size, Low insertion loss, Support hot Plug.
·Wide wavelength range, Low crosstalk, Fast switching speed.
·Transparent transmission, High stability, High reliability, Support path latching while there is no optical signal.
·Support many kinds of signal failure bypass ways, users can control it independently or in groups.
·Dual-link bypass protection, each link works independently.
·Support mirroring monitoring.
·Support the protecting ways: 1: 1 mode, 1+1 mode.
·Through NMU card, users can remotely manage the equipment.


·Protection for the flow control device.
·Protection for signal security and analysis.
·Server failure protection in network security field.


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