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200G Transponder/Muxponder

Application:200G DWDM Transmission

Client interface:2x QSFP28

Line interface:1x CFP2, Coherent CFP2 DP-8QAM or DP-16QAM

Operating Temperature:-5 ~ +55℃

Storage Temperature:-20 ~ +70℃

Product Details

The 200G Muxponder Transmitter card supports two QSFP28 Client interface and one CFP2 line-side interface to support single-channel 200Gbps large grain data transfers.The industry's most advanced coherent technology and FEC forward error correction coding technology enable high-capacity, long-distance high-performance transmission.

It allows maximum flexibility and scalability for fiber optic connectivity in wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) and dark fiber applications and provides ideal solution for enterprise, data center, campus and metro networks.


· Support single channel 200Gbps
· Client Side:2xQSFP28 module
· Line Side: 200Gbps CFP2 coherent module
· Support DWDM: C-band (50GHz&100GHz)
· Support 3R function (Re-amplifying, Retiming, Re-shaping)


· DWDM Metro and Long Haul Networks
· Tunable CFP2 Coherent Transmission
· Lambda conversion
· Signal repeating


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