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What's Optical Protection?


Optical protection means that once the optical fiber cable is broken, but the communication network won’t be interrupted.


OLP optical line protection is a functional device used in optical fiber communication to automatically switch between the main and backup optical paths. It can monitor the optical signal status of the main and backup links in real time. When the optical cable of the main link fails, the system automatically switches to the backup link. transmission, protect the system from running normally, and improve system stability.

Optical line protection can realize functions such as optical power monitoring, automatic switching of optical paths, and network management. In the optical communication network, OLP monitors the optical power on the working fiber and the standby fiber in real time. When the optical power value on the current working fiber is detected to be lower than the set switching threshold, it will issue a warning prompt and automatically switch to the standby fiber, thereby Realize the protection of the optical transmission system. OLP can simply and economically form protection schemes for various channels and trunk lines, and can also protect various networks that require optical path switching, so as to form a non-blocking, high-reliability, safe, flexible, and disaster-resistant optical communications network.

⦁ Automatic Instantaneous Switching
⦁ Real-time Monitoring of Luminous Power
⦁ Reduce Various Losses Caused by Network Node Failures
⦁ Increase the Reliability of Transmission Network
⦁ Improve the Service Quality of Operation
⦁ Main Route and Backup Route can be Scheduled Arbitrarily

⦁ Backbone Network
⦁ 5G Base Station Fronthaul
⦁ Government and Enterprise Backbone Network
⦁ Banking and Finance Network, etc


OBP Optical bypass protection is an intelligent system that is applied in the field of optical fiber communication and can automatically bypass faulty network nodes. The system automatically recognizes the power supply status and optical signal output status of network nodes. The faulty network nodes can be avoided, so as to avoid all-blocking obstacles in the network nodes and maintain the normal connection of the system.


⦁ High Security
⦁ Transmitting Signals Transparently
⦁ Automatic Switching without Blocking
⦁ Effectively Respond to Power-off and Light-Emitting Faults


⦁ Local Network Base Station
⦁ Local Network Transmission Station
⦁ Network Room
⦁ Others

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