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1x16 Rack Mountable Optical Switch
  • 1x16 Rack Mountable Optical Switch

1xN(N≤16) Rack Optical Switch

Wavelength Range:850±40 / 1300±40; 1260 ~ 1650nm

Storage Temperature:-40~+80 ℃

Dimension:1U, L482.6×W250×H44mm

Product Details

GLSUN 1xN(N≤16) Rack-mounted Optical Switch is a kind of functional device to control and switch optical route and can be manually selected from front panel or controlled via RS232 port, Ethernet port and auto-scanned on certain frequency.


In optical fiber transmission system, rack mount optical switch is used for multi-channel fiber monitoring, multi light source/ detector selection, and optical fiber path protection etc. Besides, 1xN rackmount fiber optc switch is also used in optical fiber test system for optical fiber and its component test, outdoor cable test and multi-spot optical sensors monitoring system.


·Low Insertion Loss and Fast Switching 
·SerialNet, High Reliability, High Stability 
·LCD Display 
·RS232 Control and Ethernet Remote Management


·Automatic Measurement 
·Optical Network Remote Monitoring 
·Cable Monitoring and Maintaining system


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