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1xN Rotary Optical Switch
  • 1xN Rotary Optical Switch

1xN Rotary Optical Switch

Fiber Configurations:1≤N≤128

Dimension(N≤16 ):150×80×32mm




Product Details

1xN Rotary Optical switch is a kind of functional component, with the ability of switching optical route. In optical fiber transmission system, it is used for multi-channel fiber monitoring, multi light source/ detector selection, and optical fiber path protection etc. Besides, it is also used in optical fiber test system for optical fiber and its component test, outdoor cable test and multi-spot optical sensors monitoring system.



·More Than 128 Channels

·Low Loss and High Reliability

·Parallel Interface (TTL)

·Modularized Design

·Epoxy-free on Optical Path



·Ring Network

·Remote Monitoring in Optical Network

·Testing of Fiber, Optical Component


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