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The Applications of Fiber Optical Switches


Fiber optic switches play a very important role in optical network. It not only forms the switching core of key equipment in WDM network, but is also the key component in optical network. Featuring advantages such as high speed, high stability and low crosstalk, optical switches are a promising passive optical component and have become the research focus of major telecommunication companies and institutes. The application of optical switches is very wide, featuring various functions.


Application in Protection of Switch Function


Optical switches are usually used for network failure recovery. When optical fiber breaks or other transmission malfunctions occur, optical switches are used to implement circuitous signal routing and switch from the primary route to the standby route. This protection usually requires only the simplest 1X2 optical switch.



Application in Network Monitoring


At the remote optical fiber test point, multiple optical fibers are connected to an optical time-domain reflectometer through 1xN optical switch, and all optical fibers are monitored by switching optical switch. In addition, the network analyzer can be inserted into the optical fiber line by using optical switch to realize online network analysis. This kind of optical switch can also be used for testing fiber optic devices.


Application in Testing Optical Devices


Multiple devices to be measured can be connected via optical fibers, and the device can be tested by monitoring each channel signal of the 1xN optical switch.  


Application in OADM and OXC


Optical Add-Drop Multiplexers (OADM) are mainly used in annular MAN (Metropolitan Area Networks) to enable single wavelength and multiple wavelengths to go up and down the optical path freely without electrolytic multiplexing or multiplexing processes. OADM implemented with optical switches can be dynamically controlled by software up and down any wavelength, which greatly increases the flexibility of network configuration. Optical Cross Connection (OXC) consists of optical switch matrix, which is mainly used for cross connection of core optical network, fault protection of optical network, dynamic optical path management, flexible addition of new services, etc.  


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