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What’s the Role of OLP in Optical Network?


OLP (Optical Line Protection Equipment) - optical fiber line automatic switching protection equipment. The optical line protection switching system (OLP for short) is an automatic monitoring and protection system that is independent of the communication transmission system and completely established on the physical link of the optical cable.

Protection Ways

OLP 1+1


The frame of OLP optical line protection equipment adopts 1U chassis design and can be installed in a standard 19-inch cabinet. This OLP device is used for 1+1 optical fiber link backup. It can automatically switch to the standby optical path in case of failure of the main optical path to maintain the transmission of optical signals.

1.Interface optical path status indicator display.
2.Switching threshold power and alarm threshold power can be set through the device LCD screen or network management channel.
3.Two working modes: automatic return to main road mode and no automatic return mode.
4.The switching time of the master device at the receiving end includes automatic, forced manual and remote switching.
5.Automatic Switching Time:1+1<25ms,1:1<50ms.
6.Dual power supply redundancy, support hot swap.
7.With WEB, CLI, SNMP remote network management functions.

In the optical communication network, OLP monitors the optical power on the working optical fiber and the standby optical fiber in real time. When the optical power value on the current working fiber is detected to be lower than the set switching threshold, it will send an alarm and automatically switch to the standby fiber, thus realizing the protection of the optical transmission system line. OLP can simply and economically form a protection scheme for various channels and trunk lines, and also protect various networks that require optical path switching, so as to form an optical communication network with no blocking, high reliability, safety and flexibility, and strong disaster resistance.

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