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Founded in 2001, GLsun Science And Tech Co., Ltd , Guilin, China, designs, develops, manufactures and  markets advanced optical components and modules. GLSUN holds many technical patents on optics. Product  lines inc...[More]

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Glsun New Product Launched: Magneto

Based on Faraday rotation effect, the change of magnetic field affects the magneto-optic crystal and

Glsun Will Attend COMMUNIC ASIA 201

Watch the future take shape at Asia’s representative event, CommunicAsia2016. As devices become incr

New Year message

In the bright winter sun, the New Year is coming, on the occasion of the Chinese New Year; people al

To increase the team cohesiveness!

In 16th January 2016, Glsun organise the production line employees to Outdoor barbecue.

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