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MEMS MxN Module
  • MEMS MxN Module

MEMS MxN Module

Optical Ports:8x8, 16x16, 32x32

Fiber Type:SM 9/125

Connector Type:Customized

Product Details

The MEMS MxN is built using MEMS mirror technology. The switch is fully bi-directional and transparent to the full wavelength range of the installed fiber.

GLsun MEMS MxN Module is a proprietary optical switch structure that allows any of the inputs to connect to any of the outputs in a fully non-blocking, all-optical cross-connect configuration.


·Low Insertion Loss                          


·Fully Bi-Directional                          

·Low power dissipation                      

·Custom Port Count MxN


·Optical Network Switching

·Fiber Optical Cross Connect

·Fiber Optical Test and Measurement

·Data Center Optical Switching


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