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MM MEMS VOA Attenuator

Attenuation Type:Dark or Bright

Attenuation Range:25dB / 30dB / 40dB

Operating Temperature:-5 ~ +75°C

Dimension(Dia× L):(Φ) 5.5x (L) 20mm

Product Details

GLSUN's multimode MEMS Variable Optical Attenuator (VOA) is a precise and adjustable voltage-driven optical component. The key part of the component is MEMS chip; driving voltage produces electrostatic force to drive the micro-mirror on the chip, then to adjust output optical power. This MM MEMS VOA has excellent features such as compact dimension, low power consumption, fast responding, anti-shock, low WDL as well as low PDL.


图片1.png Features

·Low Insertion Loss


·High Attenuation

·Low Power Consumption


 图片1.png Applications

·Power Management

·Receiver protective

·Channel Balance


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