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Guilin GLSUN Integrated Technology Co., Ltd.

After more than ten years of development and innovation, Guilin GLSUN Integrated Technology Co., Ltd has integrated the resource advantages to design, develop and manufacture fiber optic components, modules and integrated equipment for optical communication market, and specialize in solving difficult problems in the optical network application. Product category include:


Fiber Optic Components

· Optical Switch (Relay, Magneto, MEMS Switches)

· WDM Devices, Optical Splitters (Device Type)

· VOA, etc. (Device Type)


Integrated Modules
· Optical Switch Modules (Mechanical Multi-channel, Module Type)

· WDM Modules, Optical Splitters (Module Type)

· Optical Line Protection Modules (OLP, OBP, etc.)

· Customized Modules


Optical Networking Equipment

· Optical Switches (Rack Mount Type)

· Optical Protection Equipment (OLP, OBP, etc.)

· Cable Monitoring Equipment (LSU, OPD, Optical Switches, etc)

· Platform(Optical Transmission, Optical Line Protection, Cable Monitoring,etc)


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