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MPO and MTP Fiber Optic Cables


MTP connector is a high-performance MPO connector with multiple innovative designs. Compared with common MPO connector, MTP optical fiber connector is enhanced in both optical and mechanical properties. MTP connector fully complies with all professional standards for MPO connectors, including EIA/TIA-604-5 FOCIS 5 and IEC-61754-7.


MPO connector is an industry standard interchangeable MTP connector, which means it is possible to replace an MPO connector with an MTP connector for better performance. Most MPO connectors with older designs are quite limited in performance and do not offer the same high performance as MTP fiber connectors do. MTP/MPO fiber cables are the best solution for high density and high bandwidth application.


Difference between MPO and MPT Connectors

In terms of spare parts design, the spare parts of MTP are protected by patent, the spare parts of outer frame are easy to remove, and MT ferrule is convenient to rework and grind during production to ensure the performance is not degraded. The negative and positive values of the MTP connector can be flexibly changed after assembly or even in the field, and the ferrule can be detected by interference after assembly.


The guide pins of the MTP connector are oval shaped stainless steel, which improves alignment accuracy and reduces wear on the pilot holes.


MTP fiber optic connectors are designed with metal pin clips to secure the push ring and prevent guide wire loss.


The spring design of the MTP fiber connector maximizes strip clearance for 12-core and multi-core strip applications to prevent fiber damage.


GLsun Fiber Optic Elite Breakout Cable Magenta MTP

Applications of MPO/MTP Cables in Data Center


In order to meet the needs of high-density interconnection wiring in high-speed and large-capacity data centers, traditional single-core SC fiber connectors and dual-core LC fiber connectors are gradually replaced by high-density multi-core fiber connectors. Currently in the industry, multi-core optical fiber connectors usually adopt MPO or MTP. MPO is short for Multifiber push-on/pull-off, which stands for multi-core push-pull self-locking optical fiber connector. It is invented by US Conec. MTP is a registered MPO connector brand of US Conec, specifically referring to its high performance MPO connectors.


Compared with common cables, the main features of MPO/MTP cables are their high density and pre-connection, which is ultimately reflected in the MTP/MPO multi-core connector. Throughout the development of the industry, there are two obvious development stages of optical fiber connector: the first stage is to save space, to the direction of miniaturization, optical fiber connectors developed from traditional FC, ST, SC to LC, MTRJ. In the second stage, beyond saving space, the purpose of multi-core use was also expected. Optical fiber connectors evolved from LC and MTRJ to MU and MTP/MPO. Currently, an MTP/MPO multi-core connector can meet the high-density requirements of 12, 24, 72 cores and more. More importantly, multi-core pre-connection of single fiber has been equipped on MTP/MPO cables through factory equipment and assembly line, replacing the complicated operation in the field, which greatly shortens the installation time in the field, reduces the wiring space, and lowers the probability of impact on performance during filed installation.

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