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Fiber Optic Switch VS All-optical Switch, What is Optical Switch?


Fiber Optic Switch
Fiber optic network switch, or fiber switch, is a multi-port telecommunication network bridge device to connect multiple optic fibers to each other and controls data packets routing between inputs and outputs. More exactly, a fiber optic network switch receives a message from any device connected to it and then transmits the message only to the device for which the message was meant. This makes the fiber optic switch a more intelligent device than a hub (which receives a message and then transmits it to all the other devices on its network). The fiber Ethernet switch plays an integral part in most modern Ethernet local area networks (LANs). Mid-to-large sized LANs contain a number of linked managed switches.

All-optical Switch
An all-optical switch functions by selectively switching an optical signal delivered through an optical fiber or an integrated optical circuit to another fibers without any electrical data conversion. All-optical switches routes the entire light signal which is coming from an optical input and forward it all to an optical output without converting or altering IP level data packets.

Several methods are available and each relies on a different physical mechanism for all-optical switch operation. No data conversion routing method allows all-optic switches to transfer data in any rate and in any format. Any wavelength that propagates through optical fiber can be transferred and routed through an all-optic switch, including Single mode signals with 1260-1675 nm wavelength and Multi-mode signals with 850 and 1300 nm wavelength. All-optical switches can route video, audio, data and optical sensor signals, with 400 Gbps+ bandwidth without latency, data corruption or timing jitter.


Optical Keyboard/Mouse Switch
Optical Keyboard Switch and Optical Mouse Switch are some other optical switches converting light to electrical data before forwarding it and converting it into a light signal again.

All-optical Switch VS Fiber Optic Switch
1.All-optical switch is a circuit switch without packet routing or selectively routing IP packets.

2.All-optical switch deliver the entire light signal from one fiber to another without OEO (Optical-Electrical-Optical ) conversion.

3. All-optical switch uses OOO (Optical-Optical-Optical ) switching from optical input, optical switch core to optical output without timing jitter, latency or data corruption.

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