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Working Principle and Applications of Magneto Optical Switch


Working Principle of Magneto Switch


Magneto optical switch is an optical switch using Faraday magneto-optic effect. The effect of magneto-optic crystal on the polarization plane of incident polarized light is changed by the change of external magnetic field, so as to achieve the effect of optical path switching.


Compared with the traditional mechanical optical switch, the magneto optical switch has obvious advantages, such as switching speed up to μs level, low polarization sensitivity, no moving parts, small insertion loss, fast response, high integration, small crosstalk, small dimension and so on. It can meet the requirements of strong anti-interference ability, low drive voltage, high stability, simple and reliable circuit design, and can work continuously for a long time.


Applications of Magneto Switch


Magneto optical switches are widely used in high-speed all-optical communication networks, optical cross connectors for optical communication, and various optical path monitoring and data networks, maintenance systems, optical fiber sensor systems and optical fiber measurement systems. It can be widely used in optical fiber communication system, sensor detection field, instrument and instrument field, intelligent control field and national defense industry.

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