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D3102R Edge-Emitting DFB Laser Diode Chip

Data Rate :2.5G, 10G, 25G

Chip Dimension:220um x 250um x 90um

Product Details

The D3102R is a 1310nm directly modulated 2.5 Gbs single mode edge-emitting laser diode chip for use in uncooled applications. The design is a Ridge Wave Guide structure (RWG) on n-type InP substrate with multi-quantum well (MQW) active layers and built-in distributed-feedback (DFB) grating.

All laser chips come from wafers that have been certified using a representative lot of devices that must achieve an acceptable yield for burn-in.   




Low Threshold Current


· Direct modulation beyond 2.5Gbps

· Uncooled operation

· High reliability

· Qualified per Telcordia GR-468

· Wide temperature randge


· PON, ACCESS, Optical Ethernet,SDH


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