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Bypass Unit

Guard Mode:SM1:1, SM1+1, MM1:1, MM1+1

Fiber Type:SM(9/125um), MM(62.5/125um)

Connector:LC / PC

Storage Temperature:-40 ~ 85℃


Product Details

Bypass unit integrats optical switching modules and heart rate monitoring, which provide bypass protection
when optical network node equipment appear power interruption, hardware failure, software deadlock etc to
insure the normal signal transmission. Mainly uses in flow control equipment, signal safety analysis, gigabit
data communications and other fields.


·1U Plug-type design, support four ways, mixed insertion for single mode and multimode.

·USB design for power supply and communication.

·Diversification of heartbeat.

·Support independent control or group control.

·Customizing production of function and appearance etc can be provided.


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