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3 ports Polarization Insensitive Optical Circulator

Wavelength Range:1260~1340nm

Fiber Type:ZBL or other equal fiber

Fiber Length:L +/-1mm

Connector:LC Receptacle or Fiberstub

Color Code:Port 1: black; Port 2 & 3: clear

Product Details

GLsun box type 3 ports polarization-insensitive optical circulator is a compact, high-performance lightwave component that routes incoming signals from Port 1 to Port 2, and incoming Port 2 signals to Port 3. It features on high isolation, low insertion loss, low polarization dependent loss (PDL), low polarization mode dispersion (PMD), and excellent environmental stability. Optical Circulator can be widely used for bi-direction transmission system,wavelength add/drop, dispersion compensation and fiber-optical sensor application.

图片1.png Features

· Low Insertion Loss

· High Stability, High Reliability

· Epoxy-free on Optical Path

· Compact Size

· Rohs6/6 Compliant


 图片1.png Applications

· R&D in Laboratory

· Dispersion Compensation 

· Bi-directional Transmission System

· Fiber Sensor

· Add/Drop Multiplexing,

· Instrument, testing and measurement


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