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Various FiberStore Fiber Optic Tool Kits Introduction


Within the fiber optic industry, fibre optic kit is considered to be very important and can be classified into different categories which inlcudes each of the types of tools which can be necessary to finish a unique With so options that one could easily choose the one per you may need. Buying these fiber optic tools kits is additionally not just a hard job, since there are numerous online stores, FibreStore among which is free space isolator the most qualified one, selling all kinds of fiber optic tools kits including optic splicing tools, fibre optic testing tools, optic polishing tools and optic cleaning tools, etc. Buying a optic tool resource is very little hard job provided that you have selected a good online shop. FiberStore is what Iated glade to recommend, since you can almost get what you may requirement of your fiber optic installation and maintenance works with high quality. Besides, the cost of the kits will almost always be cheap and reasonable.

Let's experience some typical kinds of their optic kits together with the functions.

Fiber Connector Termination Collection

The fibre connector termination tool, Fibrestore model FB-3601, also called universal connectorization epoxy tool resource. They include all of the tools needed for hand-polishing termination of epoxy optic connectors like FC, SC, ST, LC, etc:

Fiber cable jacket stripper to eliminate outer jacket from optical cables

Fiber cable strippers to get rid of fiber coatings to MEMS VOA the bare fiber cladding

Kevlar scissors KC-1 to cut the yellow strength member inside fiber jacket

Universal Connector Crimp Tool for FC, SC, ST, LC

Carbide Scribe Tool to scribe the bare fiber

EPO-TEK 353ND Epox for fixing the fiber in the connector, Epoxy Application Syringe dispensing into the connector

Heat cure oven to avoid the epoxy (either 220V or 110V)

Other misc. items for cleaning like Kimwipes, Thermometer, Isopropyl alcohol, etc.

Fiber Optic Fusion Splicing Resource

FiberStore fiber fusion splicing tool HW-6300N is designed for your fiber fusion splicing job. Content listed:

Fiber jacket stripper FS-5021 to get rid of outer jacket from optical cables

Fiber optic stripper CFS-2 to eliminate fiber coatings (900um tight buffer or 250um UV coating layer) to show the bare fiber cladding

7'' Lineman's Pliers, 6'' Bent nose Pliers and 6'' Needle Node Pliers

Steel Wire Rope Cutter to reduce the yellow strength member inside fiber jacket

High precision fiber cleaver

Other misc. items to clean such as Kimwipes, Screwdriver, Carrying Tool Case, etc.

FTTH Fiber Optic Test Collection

The FTTH Fiber Optic Test Tool resource FS-1001 is a kind of kit that including tools, testers, fiber cleaver and several other product which are incredibly beneficial in the fiber optic installation and maintenance works, those items in it can cut, strip, test the fibres.

Fiber Optic Cleaning Kit

Fibre cleaner is highly recommended like a type of essential tool for electrical manufactures. Fibrestore fiber cleaning kit includes anything from lint free wipes to various kinds of swaps. In addition they add a kind of fast drying, residue free cleaning solvent which remove organic and ionic soils.

Apart from the several fibre optic tools stated earlier, FiberStore also provides another fibre optic tool kits including optical fiber construction, fibre optic polishing tool. contents inside the kits maybe changed somewhat without notice as time goes, if you aren't sure about before putting in an order, you can make contact with the sales to generate a confirm.


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