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OTS3000-NMU Network Management Unit


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OTS3000-NMU Network Management Unit

OTS3000-NMU is a kind of function card in optical communication integrated platform. NMU adopts ARM9 core processor that has strong ability in data processing. It provides 10/100Mb/s rate FE interface or100Mb/s rate SFP interface. NMU provides LCD management interface and complete network management for the equipment. It supports the function card rapid configuration and management, and intelligent management. Its remote management protocol supports SNMP,TELNET,SSH,WEB and other network protocols.


·GUI user interface management, compact size, save function card slot, support hot plug.
·Configuration,performance, alarm and safety management etc.
·Convenient LCD panel operation, easy for engineering installation.
·Provide SFP and FE network interface.
·Remote management protocol support SNMP, WEB, TELNET,SSH and other network protocols.


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