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Optical Line Protection System (OLP) uses vacant optical fiber from different route to build a backup path. By real-time monitoring the power status in working fiber, it can automatically switch from working fiber to backup fiber when the power value of working fiber lower than  a user defined threshold . OLP will provide you a more reliable, flexible and high secure optical transmission network .It is widely used for protecting backbone and important business line.

Reduce interrupt time of communication and improve maintenance efficiency with quickly recovering communication.
Remarkably reduce damage to network caused by fiber failure.
Increase network reliability and improve service quality.
Harmless switch between working path and secondary path and convenient for line overhaul and cutover.
Real-time monitoring power level of fiber.
Support remote control, easy management and maintenance.

Transparent transmission.

Type     Number

OLP-1+1 / OLP-1:1 / OLP1-1

Operating wavelength

1310±50nm and 1550±50nm

Test wavelength

1310 /1550nm

Monitoring Power range

-50 +23 dBm

Insertion loss

OLP-1+1:  TX4.0 dBRX1.5dB

OLP-1:1:  TX1.5 dBRX1.5dB

OLP-1:1:  TX1.5 dBRX1.5dB

Switching time


Return Loss








Fiber Type

SM (9/125um)

Connector form

SC / PC or SC/APC or LC/PC or LC/APC

Power-down Condition

hold in working path or switch to backup path

Monitor port

RJ45, RS-232

Working power

DC: 36~72V    AC: 100 ~ 240 V (50/60Hz)

Operating Temperature

-10 ~ + 60 ° C

Storage Temperature

-20 ~ + 75° C

Chassis Type

19-inch standard 1U rack

Online service

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