Glad Tidings! Glsun award the Guangxi famous export brand

12th of October, the reporter learn of the news from Guilin Bureau of Commerce; the autonomous region department of commerce has been public the third group of the cultivating and developing export brand list. Guilin GLsun Science And Tech Co., Ltd is on the list.

In order to speed up the export brand construction and to realize the change of growth the foreign trade. The Autonomous region department of commerce planned to cultivating and developing a group of strong international competitiveness export products/ brands. However from year 2013 the Autonomous region department of commerce was launched recognition the cultivating and developing Guangxi’s export brand. During this 3 years(2013-2016) there are accumulative total of 42 foreign trade production enterprises have been include in the list; also 15 of them are Guilin enterprise. The 35.71% of the total of the whole district. Guilin is the ranked first in the 14cities in Guangxi. That fully proves Guilin is in the leading position of the foreign trade export.

One of the relevant personage from Guilin business bureau introduced. Global economic structure and trade pattern faces profound adjustment. The foreign export trade of Guilin has necessary to transformation and upgrading.

As Guangxi famous brand enterprise, autonomous regions will give support especially such as: trade support, overseas investment support, market development at home of overseas support. It will let business has the extremely positive significance by Enterprises enhance the influence of the international market, brand awareness and brand reputation.

Founded in 2001, GLsun Science And Tech Co., Ltd , Guilin, China, designs, developments, manufactures and markets advanced optical components and modules. GLSUN holds many technical patents on optics. Product lines include Optical Switches, Free Space Isolator, MEMS VOA, CWDM/DWDM components, Optical Modules and Custom Optical test systems. GLsun has been growing rapidly and has now become one of the largest Optical Switch & component manufacturers in Asia today. The company is well reputed and widely perceived as top quality, cost-effective, Pro-active customer service and technically innovative. 

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